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Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Beachbody Coach Training : Let Yourself SHINE!!!

I DESPERATELY want other women to have the opportunity that I have been given for freedom.

I am GRACIOUSLY confident that I can TEACH YOU how to build MASSIVE success with Beachbody ---> which turns into MASSIVE freedom & blessing.

I'm PICKY with who I spend my time with... not because I'm TOO GOOD... but because I am 110% dedicated to helping MY coaches actually SUCCEED in this business.

Beachbody has forever changed our lives.

We no longer live paycheck to paycheck.

Loren has OPTIONS in his career choice.

We have set up our FAMILY for success before our family grows.

We have freedom to build OUR family's dreams & to HELP others...

I want those same options for everyone I know... truly.
Beachbody is our VEHICLE.

Beachbody is the most FULFILLING choice I've ever made. And it actually has LITTLE to do with the incredible income.... it has everything to do with the KIND of people I work alongside & the people who TRUST me enough to support & encourage them along in their healthy journey. To invest in OTHER PEOPLE is an incredible responsibility BUT ALSO comes with great reward.

I built to 6 figures in 12 months and from there it took off. This is a LEGIT business.

Dynasty United is made up of young moms, dog moms, young professionals, and beyond who CARE about helping other people & who are not afraid of working hard NOW for more freedom LATER. We are committed to LIVING A LIFE by DESIGN!

I'm mentoring my BRAND NEW COACHES who join Dynasty United.

I am mentoring just FIVE more this month -- because I want MORE TIME with each of them!

It's incredible what can happen with this business & it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to share this with other people.... even the skeptics.

I choose to pay it forward and share this blessing with others who are struggling just like I was.

I didn't have the skills or the knowledge to be a business owner...but I did have...

-A desire to do MORE with my life
-A desire to have FREEDOM

This business isn't for the QUALIFIED... its for those who are COACHABLE and not looking for a "Get RICH Quick Scheme!"

It's for the person who is willing to TAKE RISKS & learn as they go!

You don't have to be EXACTLY like me but I am looking to connect with women who can RELATE to me because I KNOW that I can lead them effectively and I also know I will ENJOY working with them!

If you….
- KNOW you were meant for something greater...
- WANT to create independence & freedom for you & your family {or future family!} BUT also feel a calling to give back and help others!
- Want to live by DESIGN: Be your own boss- work when you want, where you want doing what you LOVE!
- COACHABLE and willing to spend a year making short-term sacrifices in order to spend the rest of your life enjoying long-term success!

If you are reading this & you hear that little voice….and your gut is telling you to GO FOR IT...I want to to hear from you!

YOU.... WERE.... MADE.... TO....


To be considered for the EXCLUSIVE 21 Day SMART START Training group....

KNOW SOMEONE who would be a GREAT fit?! SHARE this with them!

I cannot WAIT to partner with you!!!



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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here is your RESCUE opportunity!

Can you EVEN BELIEVE it is the END of September already!?!?! 

This picture has a little bit of a cheesy theme to it... but I'm for real. Beachbody was my little family's LIFEBOAT. I wasn't sure if it would float at first.... I didn't believe I could steer it {i know painful}, I couldn't see the route ahead of me. But.... I believed there was SOMETHING in me that could help, support & encourage pe

I believe with ALL my heart, looking back, that this was most definitely our RESCUE - our OPPORTUNITY to change our circumstances. 

You know this.... but THAT is what I am so passionate about - making SURE YOU {yes, YOU} know that the opportunity is RIGHT HERE for you too.

I'm looking for women who are ready to DO something different. 

I am looking for people like me.. You might be stuck in life... physically, socially, financially.... I know I was. I'm looking for young professionals, young moms, young women who want a little MORE out of life.

  • Beachbody Coaching has provided so much opportunity for my little family. 
  • I came home from my nursing job {which I loved; but not more than family + freedom}.
  • Loren has the option to choose what he wants to do with his next 20 years.
  • We paid off all Credit Card debt & are set to be completely debt free this year. 
  • I am a part of a positive community that encourages me to be better.
  • We've set our family up for financial success & freedom EARLY in life. 
  • We have that freedom and more CHOICES because of what Beachbody provides. 
  • We decided to get off the stands and onto the FIELD. 

THAT is who I am looking for.

You can be someone who wants to build a 6+ figure business OR you can be someone who wants to make an extra $500 a month to contribute to bills, debt, tithe, vacation, updated living room furniture.... WHATEVER! 

My goal is to help ten more coaches this month. I want to invite you to be a part of my next NEW Coach Training group -- the FIRST part of a new series we are creating!

This is for MY new coaches only. I feel strongly about mentoring women ONE on ONE. 

We are the #7 team in the entire network - out of about 200,000 teams represented. 

I am 100% confident that I can teach you how to build your OWN empire... I can teach you how to build a legacy for YOUR family... from your home. 

You will be held accountable & given the support you need to live a healthier, a happier, and a more fulfilling life!

So... if you're looking for YOUR LIFEBOAT... if you're ready to CHANGE something... if you are ready to get ON the FIELD... if you are ready to get this ball rolling & want to be considered for one of the spots left for this training.... 


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Monday, September 15, 2014

Frumpy to FIT ----> for FALL!

I am SO proud of these pictures!

Doesn't it make you want to give them a big giant HUG for accomplishing something "TOUGH" ??!?

These are the girls I am looking for. 

The ones who think WEIGHT LOSS or confidence in their own skin is a very DISTANT concept. The ones who think they have to feel uncomfortable forever because they "just can't lose weight."

I'm looking for them because I USE TO BE THEM!

Are you someone who would be SO PROUD of yourself if you dropped 10-15lbs? It's not really about the actual POUNDS as it is about how you feel at your current weight -- its just not good. 

Can you relate?

You need to join me in my September 29th Challenge. Seriously. You do.

Why 10-15lbs? Because that's the place I find myself ... when I've gotten a little LAZY.... a lot less intentional, and just plain fell OFF the wagon.

I was VERY doubtful that a HOME workout program would make me lose the inches I lost and more so I was doubtful that the stubborn number on the scale would move.

But... 21 days later - it did! Two different times with 2 different 21 day programs. IT CAN BE DONE!

21 Day FIX is my VERY favorite program. 

Its short & sweet.
You eat normal food.
You don't have to guess and spend HOURS meal prepping.

It's simple. It's fun. 

There are many other programs we can choose from for you too... 

No matter what Beach body Program you choose..... You will have one on one support, a FUN group, nutrition tips and meal ideas, you WILL tone and tighten your body -- BEFORE all those HOLIDAY pictures!

I'm looking for just TEN women this time.

We are starting on SEPTEMBER 29th... last day to get committed is September 22nd... so lets get you all set up!

Holidays are A COMIN' !! You can be READY and CONFIDENT or you can HATE those family pictures for years to come... 

So... I'm taking the TEN most serious - first comers. 

My goal is to use YOUR before & after pictures on my blog to help encourage OTHER women!

The women you see here in this picture -- those results were ALL accomplished with a Beachbody HOME workout + Shakeology!

If you want to be considered for one of my spots: APPLY HERE!

Touch base with you soon!!! I'm excited to help you get started!


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Monday, August 25, 2014

National Wake Up Call: Don't Take 'NO' For An Answer!

It was an ABSOLUTE honor to share this morning on Beachbody's National Wake Up Call!!

These weekly training calls have been such a KEY resource for me to learn & build my business; I'm so thankful I could contribute.

I was terrified.... I have had so many coaches help me, encourage me, and believe in me over the last year and a half. Coaches who are on my team & coaches who aren't. Thanks to all of you.

Thanks for listening, thanks for the encouragement & support, and thank you to Lindsay Matway for giving me this whole opportunity in the first place - all because she chose to stick with P90X and be my inspiration to not be a quitter anymore.. I am here today! 

I pray that God is honored by the content of that call, that He gets the glory & that a new coach somewhere is encouraged.

I picture the new coach like me... broke, in a one bedroom apartment, working on a busted laptop on my kitchen table, believing that I had SOMETHING to offer SOMEONE SOMEWHERE...  I hope it encouraged THAT coach the most.

DIG DEEP, follow through, and build INTENTIONAL relationships with people.

I'm going to post all my notes from building my content on my blog later today for anyone who would like it  

Thank you for ALL the love!! Thank you, Lord, for putting the fire in my heart & the determination in my mind. Thank you God for giving me my husband today 

{less of me. more of jesus.}


If you missed the call... here is the recorded info
{click image to listen!}

I wanted to share all of my notes with you all. Here is everything I wrote down in preparation for this training. Feel free to share with your teams!


1. What motivated you to become a Coach? 

Before I became a coach I was working as a nurse, wife to a husband in military training who is gone 85% of the time, tired of being UNCOMFORTABLE with my weight and also disappointed in my lack of follow through – I was a quitter through and through. I bought P90X from an infomercial in 2010 …attempted & QUIT 2 different times & then shoved it in my closet, out of sight. On January 1st, 2013 I decided I would attempt this program for the third time. About one week into the program, my wedding photographers posted wedding photos of a beautiful couple. I went to her Facebook page & saw she completed P90X. I reached out to her, turned out she was a coach & she invited me to join her in her January 14th Challenge Group. 

In the background… While working as a nurse I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what I could do in the future to be home with our future family, while my husband was deployed, but STILL contribute to our family’s income & debt payoff. I knew it would be difficult to work as a traditional nurse during that time. I was also tired of being stuck in a 12-hour hospital shift when my husband, Loren, had a surprise & rare day off.

Within the first week of the Challenge Group, I approached my coach about the coaching opportunity. I did my research, I saw the opportunity, I loved the idea of a discount & I knew this was something that was worth my effort. I knew that I had a heart to help other people PLUS I was seeing results with P90X that I had never seen before. I wanted to pass that on to other people & I wanted to help hold myself accountable to my goals; I knew I wouldn’t quit if I had even just ONE person looking to me for support. So from January 14th 2013 on I was ALL IN as a Beachbody Coach. 

2. Turning Point 

I attended Summit for the first time in 2013. I saw so many NORMAL successful coaches share their stories on stage and celebrate great accomplishments with their teams. I knew WITHOUT A DOUBT that my growing little team had HUGE potential to accomplish some of the same things.

I knew the people on my team, I knew that they had what it took to be successful, to earn more income and to help more people. I knew without a doubt that I wasn’t going to give up & so we went ALL IN to become a 5 Star Elite team within our first year. 

I saw the potential in my coaches & I just couldn’t let that slide… I knew we had that burn in our gut to help more people and to succeed…. Just like those coaches described on the Summit stage. So we went to work, we focused the 3 Vital Behaviors & helped encourage each other towards reaching our goal of being an ELITE team… and we did it together! 

3. Main Call Topic for the Call 

a) I had a history of a lot of BAD HABITs & a real lack of FOLLOW through with my personal fitness & nutrition in the past – I wanted to be sure I followed through with what I said I would do for my customers and challengers – in my business.

As a new coach, I had a hard time figuring out the difference between following up with a prospect challenger & when that follow up became annoying to them. When I had a friend who was interested in joining a Challenge Group – but the finances just weren’t there, or their family had a lot going on at the time, or they were just scared to start their fitness journey… I wasn’t sure where to go from there. I knew I wanted to continue encouraging them, but I didn’t want them to feel like I was pressuring them to buy something from me.

I wanted to be sure they knew that I cared about them & their goals with or without a Challenge Pack sale. I wanted to be sure they understood that my intentions were genuine. 

A KEY thing to remember here is… The FOLLOW UP is FREE! All of us can offer QUALITY follow up – new coaches and “veterans” alike. 

Think of a restaurant --- when a waiter comes to your table every 5 seconds asking, “DO YOU NEED ANYTHING” … that’s usually irritating because you are trying to catch up and chat with your friend! Then there is the FLIP SIDE to that… You having to REACH out to your server for something… that is irritating too. The key is to find the happy medium. Think about how YOU like for others to follow up with you & adjust your approach. 

One tip is to Set Expectations. Share with your prospect: I am the kind of coach that really likes to get to know you. I have a reputation for being a good coach & asking questions – let me know if I am bugging you – I can take it! 

We have to remember the way we want to serve others may not be the way they want to be served… this gives them an opportunity to share how THEY want to be helped.

Follow Up is just good customer service. 

I want to share with you how to Follow Up with GRACE; how to follow up without trying to SELL you anything. 

You might be asking well how do I do all of that!?

For those of you who like to know where we are headed… I want to share with you:

1. What is Follow Up? What does it look like or sounds like? 
2. When do I do it?
3. What if there is no response?
4. How do I follow up without being PUSHY? 

Here we go!

If you provide great service for someone, their journey into becoming – a LONG LASTING coach – is much better!

Follow Up is CUSTOMER SERVICE without expecting anything in return… even if they are only a potential customer.

I believe these next 4 tips can really help you, especially those of you who are participating in the Coach Basics Blitz!

1. What does a Follow Up LOOK like or SOUND like? 

If a friend shows interest in joining a challenge group but the end result is “Not Right Now” I then ask permission to set up a follow up. I simply say, “No problem! I totally understand. I actually host a new Challenge Group every month. Would it be ok with you if I put a reminder in my calendar to follow up with you in a few weeks to see if that’s a better time for you? I know you will love the group!” I have never had someone tell me NO to this. They appreciate the follow up – they appreciate you not forgetting about them – and I believe they appreciate you being intentional about following up. Add their name to your contact list & you could even add an alert in your calendar to follow up with them in a few weeks. The Contact list in the COO is a great resource.

Sales & Marketing tab << Business Tools << Contact List

I never used the contact list – now its saving me a lot of paper

This is also a great opportunity for you to ask for referrals. Asking for referrals doesn’t have to be scary. You can simply ask, “Do you have any friends that you think would like to join a challenge group?” You can even ask if they have any friends that would like to plan for next month’s group WITH them… they can all do the challenge group together. 
Keep it simple & remember your GOAL is to HELP PEOPLE.

2. When do you Follow up?

If I haven’t heard back from someone and it has been 1-2 days, I send them a very light but direct message asking them a specific question. For instance, a follow up message might read, “ Hey Megan!! I’m finalizing my September Challenge Group. I’m saving you a spot!! Are you still wanting to join us?”

3. What if they still don’t answer?

They showed initial interest… but now…. CRICKETS… NOTHING. No response. 

This is a great time to ask yourself… How would I want to be treated?

My rule is to wait another 1-3 days before messaging them again. This is sort of the LAST shot. I will message them something like, “Hey Megan!! Me again!! I know you were interested in the challenge group, but it doesn’t seem like a good time for you now. Don’t worry, you haven’t hurt my feelings, I would love to follow up with you in a few months. Is there anything I can help you with in the meantime? Would healthy recipes or fitness tips be helpful?”

--- We have to remember, sometimes people just simply FORGET… so don’t pass this step up!

As a new coach, giving away VALUE to our prospects in the form of encouragement, recipes, etc, for FREE in the beginning is important – it helps to build trust. 

RULE - If you’ve messaged them 1-2 times after the “NO RESPONSE” … then it’s time to move on. You simply write their name down on your contact list and keep moving forward.

4. How to Follow Up without being pushy:

It doesn’t cost you anything to FOLLOW UP but you WILL gain TRUST. Follow up could be your most lucrative skill. 

Remember, you have their name on a follow up/contact list. These are people we should be doing our best to still add value to. Be intentional about sharing little helpful things according to your conversation with them/what you know about them; make it personal. 

My rule of thumb is to send something encouraging to them once every 1-2 weeks. Letting them know you are thinking of them and have their best interest in mind, your goal is to help:

IDEAS for FREE things you can do to FOLLOW UP & ADD VALUE
{You can even jot down what you share on the contact list}: 

A. Send them a recipe if they told you they are looking for healthier meals

B. Send them a picture of your favorite new flavor of Sparkling Water if they are struggling with kicking a soda habit

C. Comment on their pictures on Facebook – Pay attention to THEM & be a friend {focus on being more INTERESTED in them than you are INTERSTING to them}

D. Send them a message on Facebook periodically just to ask how they are doing or share something that would encourage them. 

E. Their names are on your list for follow up, you are continuing to invest in them throughout the month, and they will be your first GO TO invites for the next month’s challenge group. 

Follow up never ends. Once they become a customer or coach – good follow up is still important – use the tracker.

I didn’t have a follow up tracker before, but now we do in the COO once they become a customer.

As a new coach – INVITE INVITE INVITE is so important but equally as important is FOLLOW UP FOLLOW UP FOLLOW UP

What I have seen with my new coaches – is that consistent follow up is an easy step towards confidence as well as relationship building which is a bigger step in the long run. A RELATIONSHIP with your prospect is going to set you & THEM up for most success in the future. My new coaches are thankful that they have learned the habit of relationship building. It is easy, it works, and its duplicatable. 


Building INTENTIONAL relationship with your prospects is rewarding, builds trust, & helps your prospect begin their journey into long term healthy living. It can even help them enter into their role as a long lasting coach.

4. Life-Transformation 

One of the things that was always in the back of my mind before becoming a coach was this Credit Card debt. I worked really hard – took me a year and a half to do, but as of last month we are officially credit card debt free because of the blessing of Beachbody. 

Like I shared earlier, my husband is gone away from home about 85% of the time. When he is home or has a rare day off, I am home & free to be with him. I can fully support him in his career while still building a successful business at home. He now has the OPTION to decide whether or not he continues his career in the Navy or if he comes home. 

Beachbody has helped me & my team build long lasting intentional relationships & has taught us to be people of integrity, ones who follow through with what we say we will do. 

For all of this I am forever grateful. 

Dynasty United, my team, I love you all!!

I would like to briefly elaborate on what I believe it means to FOLLOW UP with GRACE:

To me... it means to follow up without pushing sales. It means to follow up without being pushy. It means to achieve a BALANCE of providing great customer service & showing that you're genuine in your mission to help others! 

Thanks so much for reading!


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Different is GOOD!

I'm looking for women who are ready to DO something different. 

I am looking for people like me.. You might be stuck in life... physically, socially, financially.... I know I was. 

Beachbody Coaching has provided so much opportunity for m
y little family.

  • I came home from my regular job.
  • Loren has the option to choose what he wants to do with his next 20 years.
  • We paid off all Credit Card debt & are set to be completely debt free this year. 
  • I am a part of a positive community that encourages me to be better.
  • We've set our family up for financial success & freedom EARLY. 
  • We have that freedom and more CHOICES because of what Beachbody provides. 

We decided to get off the stands and onto the FIELD

THAT is who I am looking for.

You can be someone who wants to build a 6+ figure business OR you can be someone who wants to make an extra $500 a month to contribute to bills, debt, tithe, vacation, updated living room furniture.... WHATEVER! 

My goal is to help ten more coaches this month. I want to invite you to be a part of my next NEW Coach Training group -- the FIRST part of a new series we are creating!

This is just for MY new coaches  I feel strongly about mentoring women ONE on ONE. 

We are the #8 team in the entire network - out of about 190,000 teams represented. 

I am 100% confident that I can teach you how to build your OWN empire... I can teach you how to build a legacy for YOUR family... from your home. 

You will be held accountable & given the support you need to live a healthier, a happier, and a more fulfilling life!

So... if you are ready to get this ball rolling & want to be considered for one of my TEN spots for this training... 


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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Is BEACHBODY Coaching right for me?

We start TOMORROW! 

If you have been considering joining Dynasty United as a Beachbody coach but would like a little more INFORMATION before you go for it -- JOIN US!!

My goal is to share all the important details with you before you make your decision. After this group you will be able to decide if coaching is right for you & your family.


There is no commitment required. It simply is to help you see if this is a good fit for you. This has completely changed my life & I am passionate about passing this on to others. 

If you want to be a FLY on the wall in this group & don't already have a coach GO HERE TO RSVP

Then send me a quick message HERE!

Looking forward to starting this journey with you!


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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beachbody Coach : REAL LIFE Paycheck Progression

This morning I really am full of gratitude

Loren & I have come a long way in the 3 short years we have been married. One of the biggest blessings to our lives & to our marriage has been what Beachbody has provided.

As I was going over our budget from July... I was absolutely SHOCKED with how much debt we were able to pay off.

It made me think... 

I thought of how inspiring it is to see motivated people succeed in life, to be doing well, and for them to share that with others. I thought about sharing income which I have before, but honestly I think this hits home MORE for me... and probably some of my friends in the same boat as well.

I want to show you what REAL LIFE expenses we have been able to cover because of the income Beachbody has provided us. 

I'm pretty open & vulnerable about these things SPECIFICALLY because I KNOW there are women out there who were/are JUST like me. 

You feel trapped, convinced that "good enough" is your destiny, and completely UNSURE of how you could ever reach a healthier financial standing without a BIG portion of LUCK dealt to you.

Well here ya go....

The first month I became a coach, I was able to pay for my Shakeology & for the NEXT fitness program I wanted to do after P90X.

Month 4: my Beachbody income paid for our RENT in San Diego + my KIA car payment + the cost of both Loren & my Shakeology orders.

Month NINE: we covered the cost of both Shakeology orders, both car payments, RENT and we were able to pay for $1,000 of my dental work debt.

Month 12: we were able to pay for ALL of our monthly bills PLUS an additional $2,000 of debt payoff with our Beachbody income.

Month 19 was this last month. We were able to cover everything above + we paid off $10,000 in debt!! I was BEYOND floored by that number. In addition we paid for our office furniture in cash + an oversized comfy reading chair for our bedroom. 

Its amazing to me to look at this summary. I can say that I am VERY proud of my team & my family for the hard work that we've given. I can also say 100 times over all of the hard work was 100% worth it & ABSOLUTELY something that can be duplicated.

Those are the new coaches I am looking for. I'm looking for women who feel a little trapped, want something more, want to contribute to OTHERS all while helping their families. I want to help women who were like me.... they KNOW there is something BIG inside of them... they are coachable, positive, and willing to TRY. They want to pursue a BETTER version of themselves and become strong, positive, successful people who focus on OTHERS with INTEGRITY.

I am looking for ten new coaches to mentor. If you are ready to see what this opportunity can do for YOUR family {and stop reading what its doing for MINE} then apply with the link below to my next mentorship group 

*This is only for MY new coaches 

Thanks for reading and I hope you will go ALL in for you & your family!


P.S. Check this video out before you decide if you want to become a Beachbody Coach!

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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