Tuesday, February 25, 2014

21 Day FIX : the GO-TO blog for the BEST start! RECIPES * REVIEWS * RESULTS

Hey everyone!!

As you all know... we have been SO excited about the 21 Day Fix... the BRAND NEW Beachbody program designed and introduced to us by Autumn Calabrese. She is a celebrity trainer & national-level bikini competitor. She is a rising star in the fitness community because she is helping SO MANY people lose weight and get fit with a SIMPLE portion control and consistent exercise program. 

So... lets cut to the chase!!! I just finished my FIRST full week of the program. 

It was EVERYTHING I hoped for and more
... really!

So let me just jump in.

I absolutely LOVE the layout of these workouts. 
  • Different workout every day.
  • 30 minutes long. 
  • Active recovery day is YOGA and is SO relaxing.
  • The workouts are broken up into a series of SETS. So... for instance... {in one workout} you will do 8 rounds total. In each round there are 2 exercises... and usually you repeat each exercise twice. Its simple. You have a 10-30 second rest period in between exercises. 
  • There is a GREAT modifier and ALWAYS an option to STEP it up for a greater challenge.
  • Autumn is the PERFECT mix of motivator & cheerleader.
  • Long enough to be CHALLENGED but still quick enough to not be drawn out (no endless chatter).

This is the most GENIUS meal plan I've ever followed.

  • You eat regular food!
  • Container portion control system is EASY.
  • You can have wine and chocolate ;)
  • You do NOT go hungry.
  • You LEARN how to maintain your results and FUEL your body!
Here are some of my meal examples! This is FUN!

Below is ONE day of FOOD!

Here are some of my other favorites!

Typical Breakfast: 1 red, 1 purple, 1 yellow:

Ezekiel Toast, Turkey Bacon & Strawberries!

 Typical Snack: 1 red & 1 green:

Greek Yogurt with 1 Stevia packet & Carrots!

Typical Lunch: 1 red

Shakeology with water!
...lately I have been drinking the new Strawberry! 

Typical Dinner: 1 red, 2 green, 1 blue:

Baked Chicken, Brown Rice, Green Beans & 1/4 Avocado!

"Dessert" ideas: 1 orange 1-2 tsp:

Raw Sunflower Seeds & Almond Butter! 
{Looks weird but it is YUMMY!}

"Dessert" idea #2: 1 yellow, 1 orange, & 1-2 tsp:

*Poor Girl Butter Cake*

1/2 Whole Wheat English Muffin, Raw Sunflower Seeds & Almond Butter! 
{Looks REALLY weird but it is YUMMY!}

Now let's talk about results....

This is just ONE week in... literally 7 days. 

This is  my friend, challenger, and fellow coach Anna. Follow her on Facebook. She is a mom of TWO and busy military wife. She has some GREAT core progress in just 7 days! Sounds crazy >>> but this program is legit. 

Then there is me... same thing... many inches lost and leaning out for sure! Again.... 7 days!

We aren't perfect & we aren't claiming to be. Just giving credit to this program because it is simple, it is healthy & it is effective. 

Anna & I are both in a category where we don't have a lot of weight to lose (although it is definitely there -- trust me)... but this program is for ALL ends of the spectrum. Girls like me who would love to LEAN out, tone, possibly lose 5-15lbs. And then there are people like Deon. 

He did 10 rounds of the 21 Day Fix and lost 111lbs!!! 

So awesome! And don't forget... there IS an excellent
modifier. There is an OPTION to make it harder. So literally... this is for ALL fitness levels. 

My current Challenge Group is doing such great job! They are living the healthiest they ever have in a COMMUNITY of support. If you are interested in joining umm next group -- contact me ASAP. They ALWAYS fill up but they are the KEY to lasting results!

I cannot WAIT to update you all after WEEK TWO!

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Hope to connect with you on Facebook too!! Regular posting and encouragement there!

Don't be afraid to reach out! I am happy to help however I can! Don't think... OH I could never get results... I promise you... you can. 

Here is a little idea of WHAT my private Facebook Challenge Groups are about!

Thanks for reading!!

More UNIQUE 21 Day FIX approved recipes/ideas to come!


In case you want to know more about the 21 Day FIX program... here you go!